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Match-fixing in tennis is likely rife and safeguards are under-resourced

The sport is fragmented, with a myriad of tournaments that have betting markets: each year, the Tennis Integrity Unit monitors almost 100,000 matches. While team sports are complex to fix – if a striker is paid to underperform, his teammates may still score – a tennis fix needs only one person or, at most, two. The structure of matches also make them particularly susceptible to corruption: each set, each game and each point are distinct events – and distinct betting events – which means that they have their own betting markets. So a player could agree to lose a set, http://vegassfu.zamsblog.com say, and still be free to win the match.  Last year,  the TIU prosecuted 14 corruption cases . Five of those were banned for match-fixing – all men with career-high singles rankings of 187 or lower. Yet this only hints at the true vulnerability of tennis to corruption. From the start of 2015 until the end of 2017, the TIU received 779 alerts from betting operators and regulators into suspicious activity. The Independent Review Panel’s interim report into corruption in tennis,  published in April , conducted a survey of 3,200 professional tennis players found that 14.5 per cent said they had knowledge of match-fixing, 16 per cent had first-hand knowledge of players betting on matches – which is prohibited – and 11 per cent knew of inside information about matches being provided. All of this suggests that only a minuscule percentage of fixes are fully uncovered and that corruption in tennis is rampant. Where the alerts have come so far in 2018 is instructive.

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